Costas Voukydis was born in the village Karyae (Arahova) in Laconia, Greece, in the year 1909, the 7th child out of eight.  He lost his father at age 2 and was brought up by his mother who was illiterate.  He became an elementary school teacher and held teaching positions initially in Karyae, later in Sparta and finally in Athens. He survived through the turmoil of the fascist dictatorship and served as a sergeant during the war with Italy.

During the German occupation and the ensuing Greek civil war, he spend long hours at home painting, working on wood sculptures, and playing music, being an accomplished mandolin player.  He was largely self-taught.

He always loved his native village and spent as much time there as possible.  After he retired as a school teacher he became totally devoted to painting.  His favorite subject was pictures from village life.  At the age of 88, when age-related problems made it difficult for him to stay in the village, he moved permanently to Athens, where he continued painting.  He died peacefully in his home at age 92.